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Pix is Brazil's answer to quick, instant digital transactions. It's as easy as scanning a QR code or entering a few details. It's the future of money transfers in Brazil, streamlining payments for everything, including a night at online casinos.
So, what are we diving into today? First up is security. We'll discuss how Pix uses advanced encryption to keep your transactions safe and secure.

Then, we'll guide you on how to use Pix. First, we’ll show you how to set up Pix on your device. Next, we’ll help you make your first payment with Pix.

But that's not all! We'll list casinos that accept Pix for making deposits. After all, you'll want to know where you can use this nifty service.

Plus, we'll explore the countries where Pix is available. This will help you plan your gaming sessions with international players.
What about customer support? Yes, we'll delve into the help and support Pix offers.

Last but not least, we'll explore some Pix alternatives. It’s good to know what other choices you have for handling your transactions.

By the end of this article, you'll be a Pix aficionado! You’ll learn how to play slots and deposit money with Pix without any hassle.

Pix at Online Casinos

Origin and Nature

Say hello to Pix, Brazil's new instant payment system launched on November 16, 2020. Created by Banco Central do Brasil, it's changing the game for online transactions.

No, it's not an e-wallet or a traditional bank. It's a unique payment scheme linking directly to various account types, like demand, savings, and prepaid.

What Makes Pix Stand Out?

First, it's super convenient. It operates 24/7, every day of the year. You're not bound by banking hours.

Next up is inclusivity. Its open-access design allows various payment service providers to join the fun. This creates a fair, competitive market that benefits everyone.

On the safety front, Pix has got you covered. It employs robust encryption techniques to secure your data. Plus, transactions are immediate and irrevocable, offering an extra layer of certainty.

How Does It Work?

Simply put, you can initiate a transaction using a Pix alias or a QR code. Once it's done, both the payer and the payee get instant notifications. That's speed and efficiency for you.

What about limits? Great news, there's no minimum payment limit. But to prevent fraud, there are some maximum limits set by service providers. And guess what?

You can adjust these according to your needs.

Last but not least, your privacy is protected. Pix complies with Brazil's Data Protection Act, ensuring all your info is encrypted and securely stored.

In Online Casinos

Now, let's zoom in on how Pix fits into the online casino realm. With its instant transactions, Pix eliminates waiting times commonly associated with deposits. This convenience means you can jump right into the action without any frustrating delays.

But it's not just about speed. Pix offers added layers of security that are essential when dealing with online casinos. From robust encryption to immediate notifications, Pix ensures you're in the loop about where your money is going.


Pix casinos 60+
Best Pix casino Nomini
Website www.bcb.gov.br/
Launched 2020
Pix casino fees No
Country Brazil
Type Bank service
Minimum deposit: 50 BRL
Minimum withdrawal No limit
Payout time Instant
Currencies supported BRL
License Apache License
KYC required No
Mobile app (Valid for e-wallets and banks) No


Top 3 Pix Online Casinos

National Casino

National casino



  • Best & Newest Games
  • Rewarding Bonuses
  • Fast Sayouts
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National casino Review

National Casino boasts a diverse library of over 4,000 games. Visually, the site is a treat, with intuitive design and engaging graphics.

National Casino ReviewThe casino mobile compatibility is solid. Whether you're on iOS or Android, the website's got you covered.

When it comes to games, slots are a major highlight. You'll find popular titles like Jungle Beats and Alien Fruits.

But that's not all. Despite lacking a specific table games section, classics like blackjack are just a search away. High-quality offerings are guaranteed, thanks to partnerships with big names like NetEnt.

On the payment front, the options are numerous. From credit cards to e-wallets, they've got it all. Particularly worth mentioning is Pix, a Brazil-specific payment method. Additionally, withdrawals are simple, and the limits are notably generous.

National Casino excels in game variety and payment options. It offers an engaging platform, making it a standout choice for online gaming.

National casino bonus

€100 + 100 Free Spins

Ice Casino

Ice Casino



  • Great variety of games
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Mobile-friendly casino
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Ice Casino Review

Launched in 2022 by Brivio Limited, Ice Casino is a fresh face in the online gaming world. With over 3,500 games, variety is a strong point. You'll find slots like Thai Blossoms and Big Bass Bonanza, to name a few.

Ice CasinoIf table games are more your speed, they've got you covered. From American Blackjack to European Roulette, the options are solid. What's more, many games offer a demo version.

But it's not just about game variety. The quality is high, thanks to partnerships with industry leaders like NetEnt and Quickspin. Additionally, smaller providers like Tom Horn add a unique flair.

Now, let's talk payments. The casino offers a wide range of options from Visa to Trustly. However, cryptocurrencies are noticeably absent. For Brazilians, Pix is a special inclusion. Deposits and withdrawals start at a reasonable 100 BRL.

Be aware that the casino operates under a Curacao license. While accessible, this may offer limited customer protection.
In short, Ice Casino blends a diverse game selection with ample payment options. Just keep an eye on security, and you're set for a good time.

Ice Casino bonus

€1500 + 270 Free Spins

Abo Casino

Abo casino



  • Intriguing Visual Concept
  • Newest & Hottest Games
  • Loyalty Program & Promos
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Abo casino Review

Abo Casino, owned by Hollycorn N.V., made its debut in 2021. With an easy-to-navigate website and a modern design, the user experience is top-notch. Even on mobile, it runs smoothly without the need for a separate app.

Abo Casino ReviewBut let's dig into the games. Hosting over 1,500 titles, Abo Casino delivers variety. You'll find popular slots like Gold Rush: Johny Cash and Aloha Fruit Bonanza. You can also enjoy table games and live casino.

The casino partners with 60 game providers, including big names like Yggdrasil and Pragmatic Play. This ensures a quality gaming collection that keeps evolving. Though the casino lacks dedicated categories for table games, the search function is a handy workaround.

Now, about payments. Multiple options are available, from Visa to e-wallets like Skrill. Minimum deposits generally start at 100 BRL, with some options like MiFinity allowing even less.

For Brazilian players, Pix is a unique addition. Withdrawal is efficient, with limits set at a reasonable range. Security is robust, with SSL encryption in place to safeguard transactions.

However, the casino operates under a Curacao license. While Hollycorn N.V. has a good reputation, this license type offers limited customer protection.

Overall, Abo Casino provides a rich gaming selection, secure payments, and a user-friendly interface. Just be cautious about the licensing.

Abo casino bonus

€4,000 or 1 BTC + 150 free spins

Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros of Using Pix at Online Casinos:

Pros of Using Pix at Online Casinos:

  • Instant Transactions: No more waiting around. Pix processes your deposits in a matter of seconds.
  • Enhanced Security: Pix uses top-notch encryption and immediate notifications to keep you updated and your funds secure.
  • User-Friendly: Setting up and making payments with Pix is straightforward, especially with the use of QR codes or aliases.
  • Cost-Effective: Most people use Pix without fees, and businesses find it competitively priced. That means more money for your gameplay!
  • 24/7 Availability: Want to play in the middle of the night? Pix is available round the clock.
  • Financial Inclusivity: Because it's an open system, Pix allows various payment providers to participate, widening your choices.

Cons of Using Pix at Online Casinos:

  • Limited Geographical Use: As of now, Pix is mainly a Brazilian phenomenon, limiting its global reach.
  • Potential for Spending Limits: While there's no minimum, service providers might impose maximum limits for safety, which can be restrictive.
  • No Chargebacks: Pix transactions are final and irrevocable, so if you make an error, there's no going back.
  • Learning Curve: If you're new to Pix, you might need a moment to get accustomed to the interface and features.
  • Regulatory Concerns: While secure, Pix still has to operate within Brazil's regulatory framework, which might not suit everyone.

Notes from the author:

“Using Pix has changed the game for me. First off, it's just so convenient, especially because I can transfer money instantly, even on weekends.
I used to rely on bank transfers, which could be sluggish and a bit of a mood-killer. With Pix, the fun starts right away, no need to pause my gaming sessions anymore.
What's also great is the security aspect. I get immediate notifications about my transactions. It keeps me confident that my money is going exactly where I intend it to.
Plus, the no-fees policy is a big win for me. It makes my gaming budget go that much further.
Pix is my go-to for casino deposits. It’s quick, secure, and lets me focus on enjoying the game rather than worrying about payments.”

How to Deposit at Online Casino with Pix

Below you will find a simple guide to using Pix for online casinos. The process is designed for convenience and speed. So you can focus on the fun part: playing the games!


Choose Your Bank or Payment Provider

First, you'll need to select a financial institution or payment provider that offers Pix. Most Brazilian banks are Pix-compatible, so you've got plenty of options.


Register for Pix

After logging into your bank's app or website, look for the Pix option to register. This process is usually quick and only requires basic information.


Create a Pix Alias

Once registered, you'll be prompted to create a Pix alias. This could be your email, phone number, or a unique identifier. It makes transactions even easier.


Link Your Account

Link your existing bank account to your Pix alias. Now, you're all set to send instant payments.


Find a Pix-Compatible Online Casino

Search for an online casino that accepts Pix as a payment method. Many Brazilian online casinos are jumping on the Pix bandwagon.


Make a Deposit

Navigate to the casino's deposit page, select Pix, and enter the amount you'd like to deposit. You'll then either scan a QR code or input your Pix alias.


Confirm and Play

After confirming the transaction, you'll receive a notification that your deposit has been successful. Now, you're ready to dive into your favorite games!

Can You Withdraw Your Winnings with Pix?

Withdrawal amount limitsNow, there's a small hitch worth mentioning: Pix isn't available for withdrawals at online casinos. So, you may need a different method for cashing out your winnings.

Don't fret, though! Many casinos offer alternative withdrawal options like bank transfers or e-wallets. Just double-check the casino's policies to find a withdrawal method that works for you.

Latest Pix Accepting Casinos

New casino sitesUp next, we're excited to share a list of the latest Pix casinos for you. Keeping tabs on new platforms is essential for a few reasons.

First, they often come with exciting, modern features and fresh game libraries. Second, new casinos are eager to attract players, so they usually offer generous bonuses.

In short, exploring the latest Pix casinos keeps your gaming sessions both rewarding and up-to-date!

New Pix Accepting Casinos
Casino name Bonus Games Launched Min Deposit Min Withdrawal
55BET Casino 100% Up to EUR 100 3500++ 2024 €10 €10
Legiano Casino 100% up to €500 + 200 FS 6500++ 2024 €20 €20
Talismania Casino 200% Up to 500 EUR 5000++ 2024 €20 €20
ViperWin Casino 100% Up to €500 + 200 Free Spins 5000++ 2024 €10 €10
Nab Casino 100% Up to 5000 USDT. 3000++ 2024 €0.00027 €0.00027
Betano Casino 100% Up to CA$3,000 + 50 Free Spins 2,000++ 2023 €10 €20
Casinia Casino 100% Up to €500 + 200 Free Spins 3800++ 2017 €10 €10
Almabet Casino No Welcome Bonus 4,000++ 2023 €20 €20
Starzino Casino 100% Up to 500€ 4500++ 2024 €20 €40

Pix Fees for Depositing at Online Casinos

Fees for depositing and withdrawing at online casinosGreat news: Pix itself doesn't charge fees for transactions, making it a cost-effective choice.

But hold on, there's more to consider. Not all casinos are created equal, so it's important to choose a reputable one. Luckily, many reputable casinos also skip the fees on Pix deposits, adding to its appeal.

Now, the plot thickens a bit when it comes to banks. Some banks might charge fees for Pix transactions. Therefore, always double-check your bank's terms and conditions before making a deposit.

So, a moment's pause to read the fine print can keep more money in your pocket. Ensure you're fully aware of any potential fees from all parties involved. That way, you can make the most of your gaming budget.

Pix KYC/Verification

KYC ProcessWhen you opt for Pix, you're usually relying on your bank's existing verification process. Simply put, Pix piggybacks on the KYC measures implemented by your financial institution.

If you've been verified by your bank, there's no extra hoop to jump through for Pix. So, you can go ahead and make those online casino deposits with peace of mind.

However, keep your eyes open when using Pix on various online platforms, like casinos. These platforms might have their own verification requirements.

Just remember, Pix itself usually doesn't add another layer of verification. It trusts your bank's diligence. This streamlined approach makes Pix a convenient choice for many users.

In which countries Pix is popular for online gambling?

Countries availabilityPix is a Brazil-centric payment method. Developed by Banco Central do Brasil, it's tailored for Brazilian residents. So, if you're outside Brazil, Pix might not be on your radar for gambling payments.

Why is it popular in Brazil?

First off, it offers quick transactions, an essential feature for eager players. No more waiting around; your funds get transferred almost instantly.

Secondly, it rides on the existing framework of Brazilian banks, making it accessible and secure. Pix has rapidly gained traction, not just in daily financial transactions but also in the gaming sector.

However, that doesn't mean it's only used by locals. Foreigners in Brazil can also use Pix, provided they have a Brazilian bank account. But remember, its reach is currently limited to Brazil.

Pix is a hot topic in Brazilian online gambling circles. If you have a Brazilian bank account, Pix offers a reliable option for your online gaming needs. But, if you're looking at the international scene, Pix might not be your go-to yet.

Pix Customer Support

Customer supportPix is under the jurisdiction of the Central Bank of Brazil; it’s not a standalone entity. Consequently, it lacks a specialized customer support team for the payment solution itself.

Yet, the Central Bank offers a robust FAQ section for Pix-related queries. So, it is easy to find information.

For more personalized assistance, you use the ‘Contact Us' form found in the website footer. After submitting your details, an email confirmation with a registration number is sent to you.

You can also reach out via social media channels like Twitter. Keep in mind that the responses are primarily in Portuguese.

Phone support No 
Live chat No
E-mail support No
Ticketing system No

Pix Mobile App

Mobile casino appPix is integrated into mobile use, making it ideal for those who are always on the go. While Pix itself doesn't have a mobile app, it's incorporated into various banking apps. So, you can easily access Pix through your preferred financial app.

It's not just confined to smartphones, either. Some payment providers even support Pix transactions via ATMs or lottery outlets. Its mobile adaptability offers a convenient way to handle online gambling transactions.

Pix vs. Other Popular Casino Deposit Methods

Here's a short comparison table featuring Pix and three other popular casino deposit methods. It offers a quick look into how they stack up against each other. Each has its unique advantages and limitations, the best choice depends on your specific needs.

Payment Method Year Established Market Coverage Licenses
Pix 2020 Brazil Central Bank of Brazil
Giropay 2005 Germany, Austria BaFin (Germany)
PayID 2017 Australia Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)
Interac 1984 Canada Canadian Government

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Pix offers a secure way to transfer money. It's overseen by the Central Bank of Brazil, adding an extra layer of trust.

No, Pix doesn't have a standalone mobile app. However, it's integrated into banking and fintech apps. This makes it easily accessible for mobile casino players right from their preferred financial app.

Generally, Pix doesn't charge fees for transactions. Most reputable casinos also don't apply fees for Pix deposits. But keep an eye on your bank's terms; they may have fees.

Unfortunately, Pix is typically not used for withdrawals. As an alternative, consider other methods like bank transfers. Always read casino policies to find the best fit for you.

Pix is managed by the Central Bank of Brazil, which provides comprehensive FAQs. You can also contact them via an online form. Their support mainly communicates in Portuguese.

Pix itself doesn't require account verification. Instead, verification depends on your financial institution's policies. So, be prepared to follow your bank's verification process.

Pix is most popular in Brazil, as it's designed for the Brazilian market. At the moment, it's not widely used for online gambling outside Brazil.

Absolutely, Pix is designed with mobile users in mind. It's compatible with all mobile casinos and casino apps through your financial app.

Not all, but many online casinos targeted at the Brazilian market do accept Pix. Always check the casino's payment options first. You can also come back to this article and find the latest Pix Casinos.

One of Pix's perks is its speedy transactions. Funds are usually transferred in a matter of seconds, making it super convenient.