Tether Casinos

Tether (USDT) Casinos

Tether is a stablecoin, a type of cryptocurrency tied to traditional assets like the US dollar. The price of one Tether token is $1.00, which offers stability in a volatile crypto world.

So, what's in store for this article? Buckle up as we're diving deep into the world of Tether in online gambling.

First on the agenda – security. We'll explore how Tether ensures safe and secure transactions.

Next, a simple guide on using Tether for your bets. Read on so you're never lost in the process.

Curious about which casinos allow Tether payments? We've got a list that'll make you want to roll the dice.

We'll also discuss where on the globe you can enjoy this hassle-free payment option. Yes, geography matters!

Customer service is essential, right? We'll delve into the support options available for Tether users. Let's set sail into the dynamic world of Tether casinos!

Tether at Online Casinos

The Origin of Tether as a Payment Option

Tether emerged in 2014 under the name Realcoin. It was rebranded as Tether later that year. The idea was simple: create a stable digital asset tied to a real-world currency.

In this case, one Tether token (USDT) is usually equivalent to one U.S. dollar.

It's operated on several blockchains, including Ethereum and Tron, making it versatile.

What Exactly is Tether?

Tether is a type of stablecoin. This means its value remains stable because it's tied to a reserve asset.

Unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum, Tether's value doesn't fluctuate wildly. This makes it ideal for users who want a stable digital currency.

Many people use USDT as a safe harbor in the volatile crypto market. When you own Tether, you have the digital equivalent of a dollar bill, which is audited regularly.


Token code USDT
Tether casinos 100+
Best Tether casino Nomini casino
Website tether.to
Launched 2014
Tether casino fees Varies
Country British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong
Employees 60+
Type Crypto
Payout time 12-48 Hours

USDT in Online Casinos

A Tether casino is an online gambling platform that accepts USDT as a payment method. Because Tether's value is stable, it's an attractive option for both casinos and players.

It allows for quick transactions that are secure and less expensive than traditional methods. Users can deposit and withdraw funds without worrying about currency conversion fees. Additionally, Tether's blockchain foundation adds an extra layer of security.

By offering Tether as a payment option, online casinos appeal to a growing audience. This includes those who are well-versed in cryptocurrency and those looking for stable, quick transactions. Tether's role in online casinos is growing, making it an option worth exploring.

Tether brings stability and flexibility to the world of online gambling. It's a payment method that appeals to a broad audience, making it increasingly popular in online casinos.

Top 3 Tether Online Casinos Reviewed

Zip Casino

Zip Casino



  • Great selection of games
  • Lots of features and extras
  • Many supported countries
Read Review

Zip Casino Review

Launched in 2023, Zip Casino grabs attention with its extensive library of 4,000+ games. The site is easy to navigate, featuring tabs for main game categories and promotions. Plus, it's mobile-friendly, allowing you to play on mobile devices without needing an app.

Zip CasinoWhen it comes to games, Zip doesn't disappoint. The slot selection is robust, featuring intriguing mini-games like Slicer X and Tower X.

For those who prefer table games, options abound: from Atlantic City Blackjack to Speed Baccarat. Game quality is assured through partnerships with over 80 software providers. Among them are big names like Thunderkick, NetEnt, and Evolution.

Now, let's talk payments. Zip Casino supports a plethora of deposit methods, from Visa to cryptocurrencies. Specifically, the option to pay with USDT adds a layer of convenience, catering to crypto-enthusiasts.

The minimum deposit is €10, and withdrawals start at €20. However, be aware of the turnover rules before payout. They're higher than usual, especially for non-slot games.

Zip has a Curacao license, which is not very reliable for customer protection. However, the owner is transparent about the business, which gives some trust.

Zip Casino bonus

Up to €1750 + 50 Free Spins

Joo Casino (1)

Joo Casino



  • Brand-New Interface
  • Multitude Of Payment Options
  • Crypto-Friendly Platform
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Joo Casino Review

Joo Casino has been around since 2014 and is a part of the Dama N.V. portfolio. The gaming library is expansive, boasting more than 2,000 slots and table games.

Joo CasinoNotably, their live casino offers an impressive 550+ lobbies. The game variety extends to sports betting, including popular eSports.

A staggering 80 game providers, such as Yggdrasil and NetEnt, supply the casino's offerings. Whether it's slots or live games, there's quality and variety.

In the financial realm, Joo excels with its payment options. The casino accepts both fiat and cryptocurrencies, including USDT.

With a minimum deposit of €20, transactions are instant and free of extra charges. This makes using Tether particularly convenient for a seamless gaming journey.

However, Joo operates under a Curacao license, which has a somewhat less stringent reputation. So, players should exercise due diligence. However, it's a well-rounded platform with something for everyone.

Joo Casino bonus

100% Up to €1,000 + 100 Free Spins

Dream.Bet Casino

Dream.bet Casino



  • Available Sports Betting
  • Variety of Trending Games
  • Supports Crypto Transactions
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Dream.bet Casino Review

Dream Bet Casino is a hub for varied gaming options, featuring over 2,000 games. Navigation is a breeze, whether you're into video slots, table games, or even sports betting.

Dream Bet CasinoYou can try the demo mode, which is a great feature. It lets you learn the games without risking any money.

The platform collaborates with a plethora of game providers. Expect high-quality titles from Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, and Microgaming, among others.

This ensures a rich, diverse gaming selection to suit all tastes.

On the financial side, Dream Bet offers multiple payment options, including USDT. The crypto option is highly convenient, allowing for quick and secure transactions.

The minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts are €10 and €20, respectively. However, be mindful of withdrawal fees if making multiple transactions within 30 days.

Dream Bet has a Curacao license, but security is their priority. You can have fun playing their games without any worries.

Dream.bet Casino bonus

100% Match of up to €200

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Tether at Online Casinos

Tether brings both advantages and challenges to online gambling. Weigh these factors carefully to decide if it's the right payment method for you.

Pros of Using Tether at Online Casinos

  • Stability: Tether is a stablecoin, so its value is less volatile. Great for cautious gamblers.
  • Low Transaction Fees: Tether usually has lower fees than credit cards or bank transfers. Saves you some bucks!
  • Speed: Transactions are quick, almost instantaneous. No waiting around to start playing!
  • Anonymity: Tether offers more privacy than traditional payment methods. Your details are less exposed.
  • Accessibility: Anyone with internet can use Tether. No need for a bank account.
  • Flexibility: It's accepted at many online casinos. You have a wide range of options.

Cons of Using Tether at Online Casinos

  • Complexity: Cryptocurrencies can be hard to understand. Not the best for tech novices.
  • Regulatory Risks: Tether faces scrutiny and could be impacted by future regulations. Keep an eye out!
  • Limited Adoption: Not all casinos accept Tether. You might have to search a bit.
  • Dependency on Tech: If you lose access to your digital wallet, you lose your funds. Always be cautious.
  • No Chargebacks: Made a mistake? Tether transactions are irreversible. Be sure before you send.
  • Storage Risks: Keeping Tether means maintaining a digital wallet. These can be hacked if not secured properly.

Notes from the Author:

“Tether is pretty handy for a number of reasons. I don't have to worry about currency conversion rates eating into my funds. That's a huge plus for me because it means more money for gaming.
Also, the transaction speed is a lifesaver. Traditional banking methods made me wait too long to play a game. Now I can start a game fast and have fun.
Another point I appreciate is the control Tether gives me over my finances. Small fees can ruin your budget and mood. With this option, you can avoid them and enjoy your money.
Plus, the transparency of blockchain tech makes me feel more secure. I can see where my money's going, and I'm confident that it's safe.
However, I do have to say, getting the hang of using a digital wallet took me some time. But once I got it, the benefits clearly outweighed the initial learning curve.”

How to Deposit at Online Casino with Tether

Follow these simple stets to deposit USDT


Choose a Tether-Compatible Casino

First things first, you'll need to select a casino that accepts USDT. Look for prominent options below in this article.


Create or Access Your Digital Wallet

Before you deposit, make sure you have a digital wallet that holds USDT. Popular options include MetaMask and Trust Wallet.


Buy Tether Tokens

You'll need Tether tokens (USDT) in your wallet. Purchase these from crypto exchanges like Coinbase or Binance.


Navigate to the Casino's Deposit Page

Log in to your casino account. Head over to the ‘Deposit' section, usually found in your account dashboard.


Select Tether as Payment Method

You'll see multiple payment options. Choose Tether, which is often listed under cryptocurrencies or digital assets.


Enter Deposit Amount

Specify how much you want to deposit. Make sure it meets the casino's minimum deposit requirement.


Confirm Wallet Address

The casino will provide a wallet address for the deposit. Double-check to ensure it's correct.


Initiate Transfer from Your Wallet

Go back to your digital wallet. Initiate a transfer to the casino's wallet address, using the amount you specified.


Confirm Transaction

Most wallets require you to confirm the transaction. Do so, and you're almost there!


Wait for Confirmation

Finally, wait for the transaction to be confirmed. This usually happens within minutes.


Start Playing!

Once the casino confirms receipt, you're all set. Start enjoying your favorite games!

How to Withdraw Your Online Casino Winnings with Tether

Cashing out your winnings with USDT is a smooth process once you get the hang of it. Just follow these steps, and you'll be able to enjoy your winnings in no time:


Verify Account Details

Firstly, make sure your casino account details are up to date. This often speeds up the process.


Go to Withdrawal Page

Log into your casino account. Navigate to the ‘Withdraw' section, usually found in your dashboard.


Select Tether

You'll find several withdrawal options. Choose Tether from the list to proceed.


Enter Your Wallet Address

You'll need to provide your Tether wallet address. Double-check it for accuracy; mistakes can be costly!


Specify Amount

Enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Make sure it's within the casino's limits for Tether withdrawals.


Confirm Withdrawal

Once all details are set, confirm the withdrawal. This sends your request for processing.


Await Approval

Wait for the casino to approve your withdrawal. Time frames vary, so check their guidelines.


Check for Confirmation Email

Some casinos send a confirmation email. If you get one, follow the steps to approve the withdrawal.


Wait for Funds

After approval, wait for the Tether tokens to arrive in your wallet. This usually takes just minutes!


Verify Receipt

Once the funds show up in your wallet, make sure to verify the amount. Always a good practice!

Withdrawal Time at Tether Casinos

WithdrawalWhen it comes to withdrawing your winnings using Tether, timing varies but is generally quick. Let's break it down.

Firstly, there's the casino's approval process. Once you initiate a withdrawal, the casino needs to review and approve it.

This duration varies among different platforms. Some may approve within a couple of hours, while others might take up to 48 hours. So, patience might be needed here, depending on where you're playing.

Now, once the casino gives the green light, things usually speed up significantly. Tether transactions are known for their quickness, often taking just a few minutes.

It's one of the perks of using a blockchain-based method. In most cases, you'll see the tokens in your digital wallet almost immediately.

Fast Cash Out Tether Casinos

Fast withdrawal casinosFast payouts are crucial for players who want immediate access to their winnings. It enhances trust and encourages more gameplay. We follow up with a list of fast-payout Tether casinos.

Latest Tether Accepting Casinos

New casino sitesBelow you will find a list of the latest Tether casinos on the scene. Keeping up with new platforms is essential for several reasons.

For starters, newer casinos often come with updated features and more enticing bonuses. They tend to adopt the latest security measures, making your gaming both fun and safe. So, stay tuned for our curated list to keep your Tether experience fresh and exciting.

Latest Tether Accepting Casinos
Casino name Bonus License Launched Min Deposit Min Withdrawal
Malina Casino 100% up to €500 + 200 FS Curacao 2016 €10 €10
Legiano Casino Yet to be announced Curacao 2024 €20 €20
Spinsy Casino Up to 500 EUR + 100 Free Spins Curacao 2022 €20 €20
Nomaspin Casino Up to €450 + 250 Free Spins Costa Rica 2024 €15 €50
Cashed Casino Up to €500 + 200 Free Spins Curacao 2024 €10 €10
Neonix Casino 300% Match up to €300 + 100 Free Spins Curacao 2023 €20 €40
Roby Casino 100% Up to €500 + 200 Free Spins Curacao 2024 €10 €10
BetNuvo Casino 150% Match Up to €3,000 Curacao 2023 €25 €50
ChachaBet Casino 200% Up to €1,000 + 150 Free Spins Curacao 2024 €20 €40
Wingaga Casino 100% Up to €500 + 200 FS Curacao 2024 €10 €10

Tether Fees for Depositing and Withdrawing at Online Casinos

Fees for depositing and withdrawing at online casinosWhen talking about Tether fees in online casinos, there's good news to share. One of the attractive aspects is the nominal fees for deposits. This is mostly because Tether operates on a blockchain, which naturally keeps fees low.

The actual deposit fee can vary based on the exchange you use to buy Tether. It's wise to shop around and find an exchange that offers minimal fees per transaction.

Always check the total cost involved in buying and depositing USDT into your casino account.

Withdrawal fees are another point to consider. Many casinos often don't charge any fees for USDT deposits, which is a definite perk. However, some might charge a small fee for withdrawals.

As with deposits, it's crucial to check the casino's terms and conditions to avoid surprises. The key takeaway is that Tether's low fees can make your gaming experience more cost-effective.

Don't forget the potential for bank fees, especially if you're converting USDT back into fiat currency. Banks might have their own set of fees for handling cryptocurrency transactions.

In Which Countries Tether Is Popular for Online Gambling?

Countries availabilityTether is gaining popularity in various parts of the world, especially for online gambling. Let's explore this trend region by region.


In Europe, countries like the UK and Germany have a well-regulated online gambling industry. Here, USDT is gaining traction due to its stability and low fees. It offers an alternative to traditional banking systems, making it attractive for new and seasoned players.
Scandinavian countries are also catching onto Tether's advantages, such as quick transaction times. Eastern Europe also shows rising interest in stablecoins like Tether, especially for online gaming.


In East Asia, Japan and South Korea are hotspots for Tether use. Central and Southern Asia also experience high stablecoin usage. One of the reasons is the growing crypto adoption in countries like India.


In Canada and some states of the USA where gambling is legal are increasingly leaning toward Tether. In Latin America, there are a lot of young and tech-savvy people who use Tether. It’s very well-liked in countries such as Brazil and Argentina.

Middle East

The Middle East is not to be left out. There's a proportionally high level of stablecoin usage here. The reason is that cryptocurrencies offer an alternative to traditional financial systems.

Tether Customer Support

Customer supportContrary to popular belief, Tether does offer a structured customer support system. They have a ticket system on their website, segmented into themed sections for easier navigation. Whether it's about account settings, security concerns, or even bug reporting, they've got you covered.
Contact options include email support and a dedicated phone line, adding layers of convenience. So if you're in need of help, you can reach out to them directly. We can assure you that problem-solving is a smooth process.

Phone support Yes – Phone Number  +1(802)247-7882
Live chat No
E-mail support Yes –  support@tether.com
Ticketing system Yes – https://cs.tether.to/ (24/7)

Tether vs. Other Popular Casino Deposit Methods

Cryptocurrencies offer a mix of speed, security, and, sometimes, unpredictability. From the stable Tether to the adventurous Bitcoin, each has its own flair. Let's delve into a quick comparison to help you find the best option.


Tether (1)Tether is unique as it's a stablecoin, meaning its value is tied to a fiat currency. It offers a level of stability that other cryptocurrencies often lack.
It's great for those who want to avoid the wild price swings common in crypto. In online gambling, USDT provides predictability when managing your bankroll.


BitcoinBitcoin, the pioneer of cryptocurrencies, brings a certain prestige to the table. It's widely accepted in online casinos and offers robust security features.
However, its value can be highly volatile, adding a layer of risk. For thrill-seekers who don't mind this, Bitcoin can be an exciting choice.


LitecoinLitecoin is like Bitcoin's younger sibling, offering quicker transaction times. It's a popular alternative for those who prefer speed without compromising on security. Litecoin's value can also be volatile. However, its speedy transactions make it a fan favorite among online gamers.


DogecoinOriginally started as a meme, Dogecoin has a fun and light-hearted community. It's less commonly accepted but is gaining traction in online casinos.
Dogecoin has low transaction fees and quick processing times. These features make it an intriguing option, even though it is not as secure as Bitcoin.
Here's a simple comparison table that highlights key features of these cryptocurrencies:

Feature Tether Bitcoin Litecoin Dogecoin
Stability High Low Low Low
Transaction Speed Fast Moderate Fast Fast
Security High High High Moderate
Acceptance in Casinos Growing High Moderate Emerging
Volatility Low High High High
Community Vibe Serious Prestigious Tech-Savvy Fun
Fees Low Varies Low Very Low

Frequently Asked Questions

Tether is a type of cryptocurrency known as a stablecoin. It's primarily used for online transactions and investments. In the online gambling world, it's becoming an increasingly popular payment method.

You can buy Tether from various cryptocurrency exchanges. Simply create an account, undergo verification, and make your purchase. Don't forget to check the fees on different platforms.

Absolutely, Tether is renowned for its stability and security features. Reputable casinos often accept USDT as a payment method. However, always check the casino's terms and conditions for added assurance.

USDT transactions are generally speedy, often clearing within minutes. However, the casino's internal processing time might vary. Be sure to read up on this beforehand.

Tether is gaining traction globally, from Europe to Asia and the Americas. It's especially popular in regions with a high level of stablecoin usage.

Yes, Tether offers customer support via a ticket system and a dedicated phone line. This can be useful for resolving issues or getting specific queries answered.

Not really, Tether is a stablecoin designed to maintain a stable value. This makes it an appealing choice for many online gamblers.

Yes, you can easily convert Tether back to fiat currency through various crypto exchanges. Be mindful of any fees and conversion rates, though.

You can typically check the status within your casino account or Tether wallet. Casinos often provide transaction histories for easier tracking.

Yes, most modern mobile casinos accept Tether as a payment method. Just ensure your chosen platform is compatible before proceeding.